Christmas Holiday Film For You

Christmas is a time for you to spend time with family or just take a break from your daily routine. One of the relaxing activities we can do is spend time watching movies. Ranging from family drama films, animated dramas, to entertaining romantic comedies. Here are some recommendations for Christmas films that are worth watching:

Holiday in the Wild
This is a romantic comedy. Tells the story of a woman who was abandoned by her husband when they wanted to make a year-end vacation trip to Africa. She also decided to stay in Africa and stop in Cape Town. There she met a super handsome elephant conservation worker. This film will remind us of “Eat Pray Love”, starring Julia Robert, but with a thicker Christmas nuance.

“Let It Snow”
Adapted from a novel of the same name by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle. Tells the story of the snowstorm that hit Waffle Town on Christmas Eve. Not reducing the Christmas spirit of its citizens, the storm has instead become a pool of a group of high school teenagers in a lively party. They find friendship, talk about life, to love stories that make their Christmas more meaningful. “Let It Snow” can be an interesting watch for connoisseurs of films with the theme of teenage life which is light but full of moral messages and values of life.

Angela’s Christmas
There are many animated Christmas films with warm and heartwarming stories on Netflix, one of which is “Angela’s Christmas”. With character designs like beautiful and adorable dolls, this animated film set in the 1910s in Ireland. Tells the story of the adventures of a little girl who wants to spread the warmth and happiness of Christmas to everyone. This film can be an animation that touches the heart and brings the warmth of Christmas to anyone who watches it.

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