Zombie-themed films are no longer an original story idea, but “Zombieland” has a unique comedy concept and style for us to watch. When the zombie movie was still synonymous with a tense and serious storyline, “Zombieland” comes with fresh humor, seeming excessive, but not cheap. You can watch this movie by visiting 123 movies.

The story begins from the point of view of an anti-social young man who managed to survive a zombie attack and was about to return to his hometown, Columbus. On his way, he met several other people, ranging from Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock. They never reveal real names and use alias names so as not to leave sentimental feelings for each other.

Together they explore Zombieland and obey the rules that keep them safe and don’t forget to have fun.

One element that is very supportive in the film “Zombieland” is a line up of loveable characters. This is because each character has a strong and consistent personality. Starting from the badass who is good at firing Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), clumsy but always vigilant Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), beautiful but bitter Wichita (Emma Stone), and little chilli Little Rock (Abigail Breslin).

The chemistry between characters is slowly developed perfectly. It makes us love them and restless if one of them approaches danger. They also make choices that are more rational and not careless. One distinctive feature in the film “Zombieland” is the rules that continue to be added and recorded by Columbus.

This is not separated from the maximum casting process for each character in this one zombie film. Mistakenly, “Zombieland” could end up as a cheap movie with annoying characters. Keep in mind that in 2009, the names Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg were not as big as now. This film is one of their best portfolios.

The comedy element in this film cannot be separated from the character in executing every humorous material. Returning to the next point, the character design in the film “Zombieland” also influences their exciting behavior and makes us laugh even in a tense atmosphere.

Interaction scenes between each character dominate the storyline. We will not rush our adrenaline such as on zombie movies in general. The portion of comedy and thriller in this film is arranged in a balanced manner where the film “Zombieland” has an objective to entertain the audience with the contradiction of the main theme; zombie-themed movies.